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We want to congratulate you on your decision to come to Lehigh University, and welcome you to the IBE Honors Program. We are very excited about the program, and are confident you will be as well. Please be sure to review all the information provided here and on the sample schedule for important information on registering for fall classes.

AP and other college credits

By far, the biggest issue IBE students face in registering for their first semester is the failure to have AP scores reported to Lehigh University.  Similarly, students who have taken college courses forget to arrange for credit transfer through Registration & Academic Services (phone: 610.758.3194). If you do not take care of these issues before registration, you will not be allowed to register for the right courses. For example, if you have credit for MATH 021, Calculus I, but Lehigh does not receive your AP scores, you will not be allowed to register for MATH 022, Calculus II. While you will have a chance to change your schedule when you arrive on campus in the fall, it will make your life much much easier if you get your schedule right before you arrive. Since registration will occur shortly after Lehigh receives the last round of AP test scores, it is critical that you take care of these issues beforehand. If you think you have already taken care of reporting your AP scores, we urge you to double check. You can do this by logging on to the College Board site and be sure Lehigh University (school code 002365) has been selected to receive your scores.

Register early

To maximize your chances to get the schedule you want, it is important to register as early as possible. The longer you wait, the more classes will become filled. This is especially important if, due to AP credits, you will be taking sophomore level courses (e.g. MATH 023, ECO 029, PHY 021 & 022). Lehigh sophomores have already registered for these courses and thus few slots remain.

Ask questions

If you have questions about which courses to take, please email Professor Storer. If you have questions about the online registration system, please contact Registration & Academic Services at 610.758.3194 or email fysenroll@lehigh.edu.

Fall Course Registration

First-Year IBE students will register for courses online starting the week of July 8th. You should receive additional instructions about how to gain access to, and how to use the web registration system from the University. Be sure to review the sample schedule for a First-Year IBE student.

Contact Information:

Professor Richard Kish: 610.758.6429

Professor Bob Storer: 610.758.4436

Again, congratulations, enjoy your summer, and we look forward to seeing you this fall.


Bob Storer                                                      

Professor of Industrial Engineering                

Co-Director, IBE Honors Program                  

Mohler Lab 200                                             

Lehigh University                                         

Bethlehem, PA 18015              


Richard Kish

Professor of Finance

Co-Director, IBE Honors Program