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How to Register

We have created several videos to give you a step-by-step guide to First-Year registration.

This video explains the process and explains how to register.

This video gives additional tips and shows other features.

This video shows how to deal with common registration errors and how to check the external credit that's been accepted by Lehigh.

This video shows how to check who your academic advisor is.

When can I begin registering?

To determine the first day you can register this summer, you should login to Banner (via connect.lehigh.edu) and choose the Student Services tab. From there, select Registration followed by Check Your Registration Status. After selecting Fall 2017 as the term, you'll see your registration date and time under the "You may register during the following times" heading.

If your registration date is later than you had hoped, that's okay. We're reserving seats in the sections of the courses that most of our first-year students enroll in so that each registration day has an opportunity to register for the various sections of first-year courses.