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The typical schedule for first-year students in the Arts-Engineering program is identical to that of a first-year student in the College of Engineering and Applied Science, except for the first-year seminar. If you do not have Advanced Placement or college credit, then your fall semester courses will be: ENGR 005, PHY 011 & 012 or CHM 030 & ENGR 010, ENGL 001, MATH 021 and a first-year seminar.  

If you have AP credit for both Chemistry and Physics or have credit for both ENGL 001 and 002, you should enroll in additional course(s), such as a humanities (HU) or social science (SS) courses. Other options include the one-credit or two-credit electives in order to fill your schedule.

Remember, you may make changes during the first 10 days of class during the DROP/ADD period.