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The typical schedule for first-year students in the Arts-Engineering program is identical to that of a first-year student in the College of Engineering and Applied Science, except for the first-year seminar. If you do not have Advanced Placement or college credit, then your fall semester courses will be: ENGR 005, PHY 011 & 012 or CHM 030 & ENGR 010, ENGL 001, MATH 021 and a first-year seminar.  

If you have AP credit for both Chemistry and Physics or have credit for both ENGL 001 and 002, you should enroll in additional course(s), such as a humanities (HU) or social science (SS) courses. You may also select alternative elective courses in order to fill your schedule.

Remember, you may make changes during the first 10 days of class during the DROP/ADD period.