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English for International Students

Congratulations on your acceptance to undergraduate studies at Lehigh University! We know that you will find the Lehigh community to be an exciting place to live, learn, and ultimately achieve your personal, academic, and professional goals. In order to set you on your pathway to success, we here at Lehigh University are committed to providing you with the support you need for academic excellence as well as effective communication in and outside of the classroom.


Based on a holistic evaluation of the application materials you submitted (e.g., your SAT/ACT scores, your TOEFL/IELTS scores, your writing sample, and your grade transcript), we will recommend an English course prior to your registration. During Orientation you will take an English placement test that may change our initial evaluation, but don't worry, you may adjust your schedule up to the 5th day of classes.

Below is some information about the English placement test and the ENGL course placements. You will soon receive more information about the Orientation Schedule.


Scores: 1-6

Part A: Speaking & Listening in Groups (Monday, August 19th)

You will engage in conversations about specific academic topics in small groups and pairs of students (Time: 30 minutes). You will be evaluated in terms of your pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and ability to communicate effectively in a classroom-like setting.

Part B: Reading & Writing Section (Tuesday, August 20th)

You will receive a short (1-2 paragraph) reading and a writing test question. In response to the test question, you have to write a well-organized, well-developed, and grammatically accurate essay in which you state your thesis and use personal experience and quotes/paraphrases from the reading to support your main ideas (Time: 60 minutes). Your writing will be evaluated in terms of your comprehension of the reading as well as your use of grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, essay organization, and supporting examples.


ENGL 001 and/or 002: Critical Reading and Composition (3 Credits)

(Average placement score of 5.5 or higher)

Introduction to academic writing that supports a claim in respectful conversation with others. Topics drawn from important issues in the world in which students live. The course provides multiple opportunities to engage thoughtfully in the writing process.

ENGL 003 and/or 005: Composition and Literature for International Writers (3 Credits)

(Placement score of 4.5-5.0)

Students improve both their advanced academic written English and academic writing style through a process of reading fiction and non-fiction and by writing well-organized, coherent essays for academics. Author citation, style, and written fluency and accuracy are addressed within students’ writing.

ENGL 015: Speech Communication for International Speakers of English (1 Credit)

(Placement score of 4.5-5.0)

Spoken English improvement through the practice of American English in “real contexts.” This course is for first or second year undergraduate students who have advanced English skills, but who need to improve their communication and idiomatic language skills for the advanced speaking contexts of the American university classroom and campus. Advanced Spoken English accent improvement and academic presentations skills are also practiced as needed.

ESLP 003: Intelligibility and Comprehensibility in English (1 Credit)

Conversational English, colloquial language and idioms, pronunciation and accent reduction and practice in basic listening skills for an academic setting.

ENGL 016 and/or 017: Recitation for Composition and Literature (1 Credits)

For multilingual speakers of English taking English 001, this recitation class will give students a space to ask questions about English grammar, American rhetorical conventions, academic genres, and the writing process in a small class setting, providing them with the extra support they need to succeed in the ENGL 001 class.


After you take the placement test, the results of your placement will be sent to you and your academic department via email by Friday, August 23rd. If you need to speak with someone about your placement results, you can email an ICAPE adviser (inicape@lehigh.edu) to set up an appointment to meet with an advisor.

We, here, at Lehigh University are looking forward to meeting you and helping to support your success.