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Bioengineering majors follow the engineering curriculum during their first semester with two primary exceptions. Bioengineering majors will enroll in BIOE 001 - Introduction to Bioengineering 1: Philosophy to Practice (1 credit) in place of ENGR 005 and enroll in CHM 030 & ENGR 010 during the first semester (i.e. PHY 011 & 012 is taken during the second semester). Therefore, the first semester schedule for bioengineering students will include BIOE 001, CHM 030, ENGR 010, a calculus course, and an English course. Students are encouraged to review the information on the engineering page of this website for more details regarding the additional first semester engineering requirements. 

Questions may be directed to Dean Tonkay.

You may view the Bioengineering homepage if you would like additional information.